Lure Coursing Competition Invitation by EHL 20.05.23 and 21.05.23
Thursday, 20 April 2023 21:33
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Lure Coursing Competition Invitation by Estonian Sighthound Union

Time of competition :

20.05.2023 National lure coursing competition (CAC)

21.05.2023 International lure coursing competition and national competition for breeds not eligible for CACIL .

The competition schedule depends on the number of registered dogs and will be published after the end of the registration period.

Organizer: Estonian Sighthound Union

Place of competitions: Harjumaa, Klooga MAP

Ground: Meadow

Competition classes:

National competition: open class, female-male dogs are divided into gender-based competition classes only if at least 6 dogs of both sexes participate. Oversized whippets and Italian greyhounds compete in separate competition classes. International competition: FCI CACIL and CSS class according to FCI coursing regulations.

Participation rights:

International competition: Only dogs who comply with the requirements stated in point 1.4 of the FCI Regulations for International Sighthound Races and Lure Coursing Events

National competition: dogs stated in point 3.1 of the EKU Sighthound Competition Rules.

Competition committee:

Lure Coursing Director: Meeli Eismann

Prize judges: Iren Naarits, Geir Hammer, Liina Vaher

Competition secretary: Heidy Rüütel, Laura-Liisa Heinoja

Course design and lure operator:  Keerit Rossohha

Participation fees:

40 EUR at an international competition (35 EUR for members of the sighthound club of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania)

35 EUR at the national competition (30 EUR for members of the sighthound club of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania)

Participation fee has to be paid to the MTÜ Eesti Hurtade Liit account in Swedbank (IBAN: EE132200221021302375).



Registration for competitions:

Last date of registration for competitions: 14.05.2023 via google form here Registration

Please inform us of the participating dog's breed, name, registration number, date of birth, ID number, gender, track book number and owner's name and phone number. In the case of Italian greyhounds and whippets, please also indicate whether the dog is oversized or not. A dog without correct registration data will not be registered for the competition. Late registrations may not be accepted. After registration, a confirmation will be sent, and all participants will receive more detailed competition information by e-mail no later than 18.05.23. After registration, the owner is obliged to pay the registration fee. The organizers reserve the right to change the members of the committee as needed.

Withdrawal from competitions:

EHL Rules for Organizing Sighthound Coursing Competitions.

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